Curated Elegance, A Three-fold Collection by Walker Zanger

Posted on June 11th, 2019

           We are pleased to welcome three new Walker Zanger collections to our South Granville showroom. Curated Elegance is a series of exclusive stone tiles that take natural stone to a new level of grandeur, utilizing colours that work in gracious harmony to deliver a sophisticated design experience.

“Natural stone is one of the earth’s few gifts that artisans can skillfully call our attention to through superior craftsmanship” – Walker Zanger

Whether you seek the geometric serenity of Studio Moderne Stone, the contemporary nostalgia of Fragmenta Terrazzo, or the universal opulence of Marble Luxe, this series will energize and unify your designs as ancient craft techniques are revived into modern styles with beautifully natural colours.


Studio Moderne Stone

Designed exclusively for Walker Zanger by noted interior designer, Michael Berman, this revitalized collection offers a fresh take on dimensional marble tiles and mid-scale mosaics. Keeping in the theme of large format and architectural designs, the patterns and shapes are elevated by stones of grey, blue, and brown. Inspired by Hollywood Regency, Art Deco, and Classic Modernism, the bold architectural designs of Studio Moderne Stone transcend the boundaries of the kitchen and bathroom.


Marble Luxe

A superior decorative material for millennia, marble is the discerning choice for residential, retail, and commercial design. Cut from large blocks usually reserved for slabs, Marble Luxe offers the highest grade of each type of stone in the collection, in a premium size (18” x 36”) and minimal thickness (3/8”) for easier installation. A particular standout is the Turquoise Luxe, with its truly unique green-blue colour.


Fragmenta Terrazzo

The beautiful story of terrazzo dates back to early Greek and Egyptian times. The ancient art of combining marble fragments and cement reached the height of its glory in 16th and 17th century Venice, and found a resurgence in popularity in the 1930’s and 40’s. Today, terrazzo is once again enjoying a renewed admiration, rightfully earning a place amongst classic design.

Walker Zanger has partnered with one of Italy’s oldest family-owned terrazzo makers, offering the highest quality while masterfully balancing ancient craft techniques with modern production processes. The end result is two colour-ways offered in one large format (24” x 24” x 3/8”) size.


For more on Curated Elegance, visit us in our showroom to see and touch these stunning collections. Our helpful sales staff will work with you to design your next dream space! For more inspiration, check out our Instagram and Facebook page to preview our products and see our newest arrivals.