CERAMICA ANTIGUA – Hand painted tiles

‘Inspired by nature and culture, these lovingly hand crafted tiles respect all practical needs of today’s life’

Founded in 1973, Antigua humbly began in a small village inland in Sao Paolo, Brazil and continues to manufacture tiles there to this day.

The company’s distinct goals are to produce tiles using century old traditions of hand made and hand painted tiles, whilst providing an unprecedented amount of choice and style.

This one-of-a-kind tile collection is ideal for use in private residences or unique commercial applications such as restaurants and boutiques, offering the following level of standard and versatility:

  • Vast number of colours, shapes, themes and finishing trims
  • Unique hand painted designs
  • High standard of tile at affordable prices
  • In support of fair trade and production

World Mosaic offers the following Ceramica Antigua hand painted tiles:


For more information on this collection or any other, please feel free to visit our showroom or call at 604-736-8158. You can also look at our Pinterest board here (no account required) for the full collection of our Antigua, hand painted decorative tile.

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