OCEANSIDE GLASSTILE – Recycled Glass Tiles

‘Born of fire, each tile carries a spark within it, bringing a glow to every space it inhabits’

Established on the Californian coast, Oceanside Glasstile has pioneered the development of handcrafted glass tile since 1992. It remains one of the few companies in the world to combine modern technology with the craftsmanship of dedicated people, who from start to finish transform their product by hand.

As a result, the most beautiful glass tile on the market today is born, with each product made to the following high standards:

  • Unrivalled variety of colours, styles, shapes, sizes – all made to order
  • Unique molten glass casting processes
  • Handmade craftsmanship
  • All products manufactured in North America
  • 85% post-consumer recycled bottle glass – using 2,000,000 lbs per year from curb-side programs

World Mosaic has proudly been the premier Oceanside Glasstile dealer in Vancouver and Western Canada for nearly 30 years. A relationship and friendship foraged over decades based on aligning principles and an unwavering passion for high quality products.

World Mosaic has the following handcrafted Oceanside Glass Tiles:



For a full listing of Oceanside Glasstile products available at World Mosaic visit: www.glasstile.com

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