PETRA ANTIQUA – Textured Marble Tiles

The Petra Antiqua collections are inspired by constant creative research in a wide variety of shapes and colours. In this framework of expressive freedom, the material of surface becomes an authentic vehicle of poetry.

The treatment of stone surfaces is an art that requires great manual skill, passion, patience and attention. Only in this way can the material come to life and its finest qualities be brought to the forefront. The excellence of these surfaces is revealed in the meticulous care over detail and is rediscovered whenever they are touched by the gaze or the hand. The stone surfaces are sealed and low fired for ease of grouting and maintenance and then hand carved to perfection.

Always as exciting as the first time, their fascination remains unchanged over time.


World Mosaic offers the following Petra Antiqua textured marble tiles:



*This is only a sampling of the Petra Antiqua products World Mosaic carries. For more from Petra, please visit our showroom!

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