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在过去的35年World Mosaic (BC) 世界马赛克(卑诗省)一直提供着部分世界上最顶级的瓷砖和石材。

从玻璃马赛克到手工制作的陶砖和瓷砖, 我们将继续以我们的优质和完美的风格而骄傲。 无论您是否有住宅用途或商业需求,”世界马赛克”(World Mosaic) 总有一款合适您的需要和预算。 我们为您家的厨房和浴室提供独家的瓷砖。多功能玻璃瓦能够用于任何地方,从后防溅板到室外游泳池; 手绘的陶转能保证让您的空间增加活力。从整个欧洲和美洲通过与瓷砖制造商合作, 我们都为能站在现代瓷砖技术的最前沿以及能确保有生的巨大价值和享受而感到无比的自豪。我们的专业团队邀请您来参观我们在温哥华的展馆,并期待不久能帮助您。

What's New

  • New Customer Photos!

    Pacific Dental Centre created an inviting and stylish office area using World Mosaic tile. Here is a lovely installation photo of our Dordogne porcelain in... 

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  • NEW STOCK – Patterned floor tile

    Introducing the new Deco d’Antan wall and floor tile collection.This unique collection exclusive to World Mosaic Tile combines functionality with contemporary... 

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  • New Vignette in Showroom

    Check out our new vignette in the World Mosaic Tile showroom!   We have given one of our showroom vignettes a fresh new look to feature a few of our most... 

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  • New Stock!

    We are so excited to have more NEW stock items at World Mosaic Tile.Introducing Calacatta Bianchi We have been searching for quite a while looking for the... 

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  • New Summer Hours

    Showroom: Monday to Friday 9-5 Warehouse: Monday to Friday 8-4 Have a fantastic summer!! Read More →

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  • NEW Colourful Subway in Stock!

    Due to popular demand we have brought in more 2×8 white subway tile and mini avignon. We couldn’t resist bringing in some vibrant colours too!Introducing... 

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